Spring Fling Candle Crate

Spring Fling Candle Crate

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Let the fun begin!! 

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Our first collection is full of life, love and SPRING!

Your special collection of limited edition scents includes

Apple Kale

  • Crisp, trendy, earthy, single & ready to mingle this candle is a tasty spin on spring!

Sweet Pea

  • Sweet and enchanting. A blend of sweet pea, watery pear and wild lily that captures the very essence of floral elegance.

Cucumber Kiwi

  • This bad boy is so refreshing, clean and bright. It's a beautiful soft blend of cucumber and sparkling kiwi's that it was a definite when adding this lovely lady to our collection.

Each candle is 6oz and ready to fill your space with these beautiful scents and the calming crackle of a wood wick. We also specially designed new collapsable candle lighters to light them lovely wood wicks and each crate contains one to light up your life with.


These extremely limited crates ship straight to you door.